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Curriculum Vitae
Cadre recherche biotechnologies Toute la France

Poste : Cadre
Fonction : Recherche
Secteur : Biotechnologies
Expérience professionnelle : 5 à 10 ans (confirmé)
Niveau de formation : Bac +5 et plus
Lieu : Toute la France
Publiée le : 11/05/2013 13:14:36

Etat civil :

06/08/1977, homme, célibataire, nationalité française

Expérience professionelle :

2013 Unemployed time.
2011 2012 Business & Project R&D manager for LIP (Lyon Ingenierie Projet)
(Mar/Sept) company president: Dr Javier Olaiz consulting in laboratory of Patrick Mehlen (same function than previous contract (so far around 2,5 millions collected in 2011-2012)
set up starting basis of labex DEVweCAN project (government investment program).
DEVweCAN project required initial technical development of C3D drug discovery platform

2010 Post-doctoral researcher / Project and grant manager
(Mar/Feb) Centre Leon Berard Laboratory Apoptosis, Cancer and Development/ NetrisPharma spin-off
Laboratory head: Dr Patrick Mehlen
Field of research: providing new innovative anti-tumoral drugs based on humanized antibodies neutralizing Dependence Receptors signalling.
follow projets (10) achieved by 30 people, improve technical efficiency of the laboratory, write projects and reports (national and international), follow budget, prospect for additional public funding (12 000 000 euros collected in 2010). One of the project managed as partner was APO-SYS (

2009 Post-doctoral researcher
(Mar/Feb) LMPB (laboratory of polymer materials and biomaterials)
Laboratory head: Pr Laurent David
Project: proof of concept development of the use of chitosan physical hydrogels as universal bioreactor and 3rd generation of vascular substitutes giving rise to novel biodegradable vascular substitutes - PCT Patent 2011/151603.
it should be noted chitosan functionalized surface have a high binding affinity for native antibody/antigen complexes and is suitable to develop antibody microarrays to efficiently detect tumor markers or epigenetic/post-translational protein alteration.

2008 Lecture on Nuclear Receptors (pharmagogenomics)
public: Master students in Pharmacology (Strasbourg)

2006 Post-doctoral Researcher (X-TRA-NET european consortium coordinated by S.Mandrup PPAR nuclear receptor expert)
(May/April) Institut de Génétique et de Biologie Moléculaire et Cellulaire (IGBMC)
Illkirch (Strasbourg), France
Laboratory head: Dr. Hinrich Gronemeyer
Project: Developping ChIP on chip to decipher complex RXR/RAR nuclear receptor transcription factor networks at a genome-wide level.
Achievement: acquisition of reporting skills at the European level, managing report, negotiating deliverables, discussing / modifying strategic plans according to new technology development, presentation at meeting report, working in a consortium at the international level, working in a multicultural environment. Acquisition of new technological skills: design and production of lentivirus containing shRNA, producing and describing new antibodies,analysis of microarrays data, troubleshooting ChIP on chip technology, linear amplification of ChIP samples to perform hybridization, generating cell line from primary culture, genotyping, using CRE recombinase technology to generate KO cell lines of Nuclear Receptor coactivators. As a team member we had also implication in Epitron consortium ( and in crescendo project. one of main objective was validation of ChIP grade antibodies from abcam and internal IGBMC supplier in both project. (
2005-2006 Post-doctoral Researcher (Career Development Fellowship)
(Mar/April) Medical Research Council (MRC) Chromosome Biology Group
MRC Clinical Sciences Centre
Faculty of Medicine
Imperial College, Hammersmith Hospital Campus
Du Cane Road, London, UK
Laboratory head: Dr. Karen Brown (Trained by Pr Mandy Fischer epigenetic expert)
Project: Characterization of HP1 functions by siRNA in murine erythropoiesis using in vitro differentiation of mES cells (CCE cell line).
Goals: acquisition of new technological skills in confocal microscopy and living microscopy and siRNA as well as epigenetic.
Management of a £50 000/year budget within a small team (4 people), transfer of knowledge to the British lab in ES cell culture and erythroid cell differentiation. Assist to chromatin club supported by Abcam
1999-2005 Pre-doctoral Researcher (ARC, Ligue contre le Cancer and French Haematology (Sept/Mar) Society Fellowship)
UMR CNRS 5534 Centre de Génétique Moléculaire et Cellulaire (CGMC)
Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1, Lyon, France
Laboratory head: Dr. Olivier Gandrillon
Project: Cell signaling in normal and cancerous avian erythroid progenitors
Active contribution in setting up an academic lab (start: 2 people, left: 10 people)
Winner of fellowship competition at a national level to get my PhD project achieved.
One of the factor studied was a nuclear receptor c-erb-A in normal signaling pathway or in its oncogenic signaling (v-erbA).
1998 Internship
(Jul/Aug) INSERM 412, Human Retrovirus Unit, ENS Lyon, France
Laboratory head: Dr. Marc Castellazzi
Project: Creating and testing point mutations of transcription factor ATF2 in chicken primary embryonic fibroblasts

Other Professional Experience
2004, 2007-08 Member of the French Hematology Society

2002 Elected PhD student representative at the BMIC Doctoral School Council, Lyon

since 1999 Free Farming Technical consultant
Intensive units of 10 000 rabbit and 20 000 chicken breeding (familial farm), Blanzy, France
Advising on nutrition (probiotic addition,vitamin doses ect.), artificial insemination, vaccination, improving animal health and well being (main goal: improving productivity by decreasing cost of production and increasing quality of the meat).

1999 Veterinary Assistant
(Apr) Dr Florence Leduc-Beaudot,
Montceau-les Mines, France
( Receptionist, drug ordering and selling, accountancy )

Formation :

APO-SYS European consortium training workshop at EMBL-EBI Welcome Trust Genome Campus Hinxton Cambridge June 2011 (
EMBO Biennial Symposium: From Functional Genomics to Systems Biology EMBL Heidelberg Germany (2006)
INSERM permanent training: Analysing microarrays transcriptomic data: how to use proper statistical and bioinformatics tools. Strasbourg, France (2006)
Training on ChIP on chip protocols within X-TRA-NET: one month in Rabdoud University Nijmegen in Henk Stunnenberg's laboratory Netherland (2006)
Training camp ?Molecular Biology meets Physics and Chemistry: Novel approaches and ideas to fight diseases?. Funded by Nutriceptors and Epitron EU consortia, Ischia Italy (2006)

2004 Doctorate of Philosophy in Cellular and Molecular Biology (N° 149-2004)
University Claude Bernard Lyon 1 (UCBL)
Title: Molecular analysis of self-renewing or differentiating avian erythroid progenitors publicly defended on the 6th of October

2003 Bachelor of Science (French ?DU?)
Animal experimentation level 1 habilitation (UCBL)

2000 Masters (French DEA)
Cellular Differentiation, Genetics and Immunology (UCBL)

1996 selected to specific French "Classe préparatoire aux grandes écoles" Lycée du Parc Lyon
1995 Baccalauréat serie S Mention AB

Intérêt :

agriculture, géopolitique, soutien à l'Institut Coppet pour la diffusion des analyses des auteurs à la base des conceptions libérales, équitation de loisir ect ect

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CV :

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02/01/2017 21:40:32
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02/01/2017 12:14:40
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Lieu : Nord - Expérience : 1 à 5 ans (débutant) - Niveau : Bac +3 -

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